Dr. Mike Seely

  • Dr
    Mike Seely

    Education: Texas A&M University
    Hometown: Mason, Texas
    Pets: Cheeto, Jake & Katie

    Dr. Micheal ‘Mike’ Seely received his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M in 2000 and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. He began working at Highland Knolls Veterinary Hospital in January 2005.

    Dr. Seely's primary job is as Chief of Staff at Veterinary Emergency Referral Group, Inc. (VERGI), a position he has held since August 2013. He has strong interests in emergency and critical care, soft tissue surgery, and ultrasound.

    Dr. Seely is also a member of several organizations:

    • American Veterinary Medical Association

    • Texas Veterinary Medical Association

    • Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

    Since becoming VERGI's Chief of Staff, Dr Seely has had to cut back on his time with us. He can still be found helping us out every once in a blue moon.

    In his time away from the office, Dr Seely enjoys:

    • Hunting

    • Fishing

    • Traveling