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5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist

5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist At Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group

If your dog or cat is suffering from a rash or skin irritation, finding a solution to remedy this situation is a must so your pet is comfortable once again. Calling our veterinarian at Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group is an option. Here is some information about different dermatology problems and how a veterinarian can remedy skin ailments.

Flea Allergy

If your pet suffers from a flea infestation, in addition to being disturbed with extreme itchiness, your pet may have an allergic reaction from these parasites. Small red bumps from flea bites are tell-tale signs. Our veterinarian will prescribe your pet with flea medication to alleviate the problem.

Missing Fur

If a pet has a skin problem, they may start to bite and scratch at their fur in an attempt to reduce itching. This could cause them to lose fur as a result. If you notice your pet has patches of fur missing from their body, our veterinarian will determine if a skin problem is indeed the reasoning or if your pet is suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Dry Skin

If your pet has dry skin, irritation is sure to be a problem. Switching your pet's shampoo and other grooming products may be helpful. Our vet will also provide you with tips for alleviating dry skin.

Visible Rash

If your pet has a rash, they may be suffering from an allergic reaction. Our veterinarian will assist with trying to pinpoint what is causing the problem so you can refrain from subjecting your pet to it in the future. This is often done with the process of elimination.

Cuts Or Scrapes

If your pet has recently been in a fight with another pet or if they became injured, cuts and scrapes may have occurred. Our vet will check the skin for any broken areas and treat them to avoid infection.

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