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Posted on 09-22-2017

What to Expect During your First Pet Exam with Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group

Dog being seen by veterinarian

Veterinarians in Katy TX, like the animal specialist partners at the Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group, work closely with pet-parents to ensure their dogs and cats live long, healthy, and active lives. Building a relationship with your vet is very important for you and your special four-pawed family members. Whether you are bringing in a new puppy for his or her first-ever wellness visit, or you recently moved to the Katy/Houston area and are looking for a health partner for an adult cat, knowing what to expect during the initial visit will help relieve stress for you and your pet. 

Introducing a Kitten or Puppy to Katy Veterinarians 

The first exam is typically completed when your baby is between 8 and 10 weeks old. The first set of vaccinations may be given at this visit, depending on the age of your pet, and his overall health. A follow-up visit for additional vaccinations may be scheduled for two to four weeks after the first visit. You can help relieve stress by spending time before your visit touching your pet's ears and paws, and looking inside the mouth, to get them used to these sensations before a stranger is introduced. 

The clinical examination will include observing how the patient reacts to sounds, smells, and new surroundings. In addition to these observations, you Katy veterinarians will check the ears, mouth, teeth, gums, skin, fur, heart, lungs, paws, joints and lymph nodes. You can expect the doctor to check body temperature, which is usually between 101 and 102.5 for both feline and canine patients, and weight, too. As the parent, you can bring along a favorite toy or snacks that typically calm your pet. And, be sure you remain calm, any stress or anxiety you feel will be transferred to your cat or dog. If you are confident and relaxed, your pet will be less nervous about this new experience.

If there are any indications there suggest your pet may be underweight or physically compromised, the vet may recommend some tests, such as checking for parasites or infection that can interfere with normal digestion. If possible, bring information about the natural parents' health. This allows our medical team to create a comprehensive patient record that includes potential health challenges that may develop later in life. And, feel free to ask any questions you have about diet, exercise, behavioral issues or training.

Bringing an Adolescent or Mature Pet to Meet the Katy Veterinarians

Whether you visit the Highland Knolls Veterinary Hospital or one of our other locations for an annual exam, your older pet will get the same thorough clinical exam from one of the skilled vets on our team. Ideally, you will bring shot records and a complete patient record from your pet's previous clinic. It is important to know about your dog or cat's past medical events such as reactions to medicine, injuries, feeding problems and behavior issues, such as biting or excessive barking. If the vet notices the coat is dull and dry, or there are flaky patches on the skin, he may ask you about the normal diet. Many allergies and skin disorders can be easily corrected with modifications to a daily diet. Supplements may be recommended if your pet experiences frequent recurrent problems with dry skin or red watery eyes.  You can expect the vet to carefully examine the eyes, ears, nose, throat and all of the other items mentioned above in the infant exam section.  By the way, the veterinarians will check temperature with a rectal thermometer, don't want to run the risk of your four-legged friend biting the instrument.

Finding a Group of Veterinarians in Katy TX to Care for Your Precious Pets

The annual exam is not just a quick visit to make sure you have the required vaccinations to comply with state laws. During the clinical exam, your doctor will also discuss environmental and lifestyle factors. If you may board your dog, you may need protection against infectious tracheobronchitis, commonly known as a kennel cough. But, did you know that dogs can pick up the bacteria at the local dog park and groomers' office? Spaying or neutering pets also adds some protection against medical conditions like Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).  Be prepared to talk about your pet's health, personality, and habits. 

Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group has 3 locations in the Katy area, with a fourth location opening soon on Morton Ranch Road. We invite you to call or stop by to schedule an appointment for your four-legged family members. New patients can reach us at 281-398-1551 during normal business hours. Don't wait. Call now to schedule an annual checkup or first appointment for your cat or dog.

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