Dermatology FAQs

Pet dermatology issues require treatment from our veterinarian to ensure the skin heals properly. If your cat or dog is currently suffering from a rash, skin irritation, missing fur, or a flea problem, contact Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group in Katy. Here are some frequently asked questions about pet dermatology issues to read over so you understand the importance of getting help from a professional when skin problems arise.


What Are the Symptoms of Skin Problems?

Most skin problems are visible to the naked eye. However, you may need to part your pet's fur to see their skin to check for ailments that require treatment. A pet who scratches obsessively or in the same spot for long periods of time may be experiencing an allergic reaction due to some substance or fleas, dry skin, or an infection of some kind.

How Can I Help My Pet Avoid Skin Problems?

Make sure you do not bathe your pet too often, as this will deplete the natural oils from your pets’ skin, leading to excess dryness. Dry skin will lead to skin irritation and itchiness for your pet, and dry skin may only serve to mask other underlying dermatological issues. If your dog or cat is experiencing an allergic reaction, try to eliminate potential triggers one by one to see if his skin clears up when it is not being used.

What Can Our Veterinarian Do To Help?

Seeking assistance from our veterinarian when a skin ailment is present is the best way to obtain proper treatment for your pet's condition. Our veterinarian will assess the skin and make recommendations regarding remedies that will clear the problem appropriately. A pet with fleas will require treatment to eradicate these parasites in addition to healing their skin. Allergic reactions will be assessed and our vet will provide you with options to eliminate triggers from your pet's lifestyle so reactions are less likely to occur. In many cases, medication is necessary to heal skin difficulties quickly and completely.

Contact Your Katy Veterinarian

Give Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group in Katy a call to make an appointment with our veterinary team any time a skin condition starts. Our team will provide your pet with caring and professional service to treat the problem as needed. Reach out to our practice today by contacting us at 281-398-1551 for more information.