During business hours, we would appreciate a notification call, but we understand that may not be available, depending on the nature of your emergency. Please bring your pet in, and a technician or doctor will triage your pet and begin immediate care.

Any time of day, if your pet has what you believe may be a life threatening emergency, such as major trauma (hit by car, fall from second floor, etc) or a critical medical condition (rapidly distending abdomen, pale gums, trouble breathing, etc.,) take your pet to the nearest local Animal Emergency Clinic immediately.  If you call our offices, 281-398-1551, our staff or phone system will offer a listing of local emergency clinics and can connect you directly with their front office staff.

Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners - Katy
19450 Katy Freeway #200
Houston, Texas 77094

VERGI – Veterinary Emergency Referral Group, Inc
8921 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77024

Sugarland Veterinary Specialists
1515 Lake Pointe Parkway
Sugarland, Texas 77478