Pet Illness

Pet Illness

Pet illnesses are a fact of life for every pet owner. If you think your pet may be sick, contact Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group in Katy, TX. We have four locations for your convenience to care for your sick pet. Call your closest location to let us know you're bringing your animal in for treatment.

Pet Illness

Signs of Illness in Pets

Cats and dogs cannot tell their owners they feel ill. You must be aware of your pet's normal behavior and habits, so you will know when something is wrong. Common symptoms a sick pet may exhibit include vomiting, lethargy and diarrhea.

    • Vomiting or Diarrhea: If your pet vomits or has runny stool just once, it likely had a benign cause. However, if your pet vomits or has diarrhea multiple times, get it to the vet as soon as possible. Blood in the stool or vomit requires urgent care.
    • Lethargy: A once-active pet that suddenly is listless needs a medical evaluation. Lethargy and loss of appetite appear frequently in sick pets.
    • Coughing: Coughs could be a sign of a serious condition, and pets with flat noses are more dramatically affected by respiratory problems and coughs than others. If your pet experiences trouble breathing, seek emergency pet care at once. For a minor cough, call us to get the earliest appointment possible for one of our veterinarians to evaluate your pet.
    • Changes in Urination: Needing to go to the litter box or outside more or less often than usual could indicate an illness or other serious medical condition. Get treatment as soon as you can, especially if your pet seems to experience pain when urinating. In some cats, urinary problems can worsen to reach life-threatening severity in as little as 24 hours.

When Does an Illness Require Emergency Pet Care?

Some signs your pet's illness needs more urgent care from an emergency clinic are trouble breathing, pale gums, distended abdomen, visible injuries or invisible injuries from an accident. Call any of our locations to get a listing of the closest animal emergency rooms to you.

Make an Appointment for Your Sick Pet

If your pet seems to have a minor illness that you need for one of our veterinarians to evaluate, call us to make an appointment. Our three locations of Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group are conveniently located for anyone from Rosenberg, along the Grand Parkway, in Katy or near Cypress. We have one number to help you reach the clinic closest to you. Call (281) 398-1551 to start the process of getting treatment for your pet's illness.