Preventative Pet Wellness Care

Preventative Pet Wellness Care from our Katy Veterinarians

Pets bring much joy to their human families, and most ask for very little in return in comparison to what they give. All they want is love, and the ability to stay safe and healthy. Our Katy veterinarians know that preventive veterinary care is the first step in making sure your pet stays healthy. At Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group, our team is here to work with you to provide your pet with the right diet, exercise, and overall pet wellness care to help them live their best possible life.

dog getting preventative treatment at vetComprehensive Pet Exam

A comprehensive pet exam is a cornerstone when it comes to having a healthy pet. It is through these exams that we get our first hints of when something isn't right with your pet's health and we need need to consider more specialized care.  During these exams, our veterinarian examines your pet's eyes, ears, mouth, skin, and coat to check for signs of parasites or infections, conduct a rectal exam, and listen for any possible issues with their heart and lungs. 


Depending on the age and lifestyle of your pet, several vaccinations may be required or recommended. Vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and others help keep your pet protected from very dangerous and uncomfortable diseases while helping to protect other pets in the community from contracting any of these diseases from your pet. Some other vaccinations, such as the bordetella vaccine for dogs may be recommended for dogs that are more susceptible to kennel cough or that spend time around other canines. As puppies and kittens, vaccinations are needed more frequently, while most can be boosted annually, or even less frequently as they grow older.

Parasite Check and Prevention

While we check for parasites on the skin during the comprehensive exam, it is also important that we check your pet's blood to make sure that there are no internal parasites, including heartworm. Most dogs can benefit from a  heartworm preventative medicine, given monthly.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

While spay or neuter surgery isn't required, there are many health benefits that come with the choice to not breed and sterilize your pet instead. Aside from population control, benefits of spay and neutering  include a lower occurrence of breast or testicular cancers and a lowered tendency toward possible aggression or roaming.    


Another way our vet can help you keep your pet safe is by providing microchipping for your dog or cat. This small chip can be easily inserted in under the skin. The chip can then be registered with your contact information, so you can be found easily if your pet is ever lost.

Dental Care

Your pet's teeth has a lot to do with their level of comfort as well as their overall health. During your pet's comprehensive exam, we can often identify basic problems with your pet's teeth, and through regular cleaning and other dental care, we can help make sure that problems with your pet's teeth and mouth don't escalate to problems with their heart, liver, or other organs.

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No matter what stage of life your pet is in, regular care from your veterinarian in Katy is essential for keeping them healthy and happy, To learn more about the importance of preventative veterinary care, or to schedule an appointment, contact Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group in Katy, TX at (281) 398-1551.