Pet Surgery

Common Pet Surgery Options at Katy Veterinarian

pet surgery at Katy area veterinarian

Even the most well cared for and beloved family pets may need surgery at some point in their lives. While it is our focus to avoid surgery whenever possible with preventative veterinary care, we understand that sometimes a minimally invasive procedure is necessary to improve the quality of life for your cat or dog. Some of the most common pet surgeries that we provide here at Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group include:

Spay and Neuter Surgery

This is the most common type of pet surgery performed in our office and is the perfect example of a preventative procedure. Spaying and neutering your family pets is an ideal way to prevent pet overpopulation in the Katy area while providing a number of health benefits for your cat or dog as well. Cats and dogs that have been surgically sterilized are less likely to develop certain reproductive cancers and they typically experience less behavioral issues like aggression or the need to roam.

Dental Surgery

Certain breeds are much more likely to experience dental health issues than others but all pets should get regular dental screenings to make sure that their mouths are healthy. Dental decay and infections can lead to more serious health conditions if they are left untreated. In addition to regular at-home care like brushing your pet's teeth, we recommend annual or biannual dental screenings as well. In the event that your dog or cat has experienced a more severe oral health condition or infection, dental surgery may be necessary to extract problem teeth. Additionally, when performing a deep dental cleaning, we may also use sedation to keep your pet safe and comfortable.


There are a number of different situations that can pose a risk of injury for your family pets including fights with other animals, auto accidents, and other mishaps. In the event of a bite wound or other laceration, our veterinarian may need to apply sutures to close wounds and prevent infection. Additionally, surgery may be necessary to set fractured bones or repair torn ligaments.

Cancer Surgery

There are a variety of different cancers that can impact your pet’s health and happiness. Some of the most common cancers that may affect dogs and cats include stomach cancer, oral cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer and more. If we suspect a common cancer like skin cancer, we will use surgery to remove tumors and biopsy them to check for malignancy.

Internal Surgery

Internal problems like swallowed objects, bladder stones or tumors may call for an emergency surgery procedure to save your pet’s life. With advanced surgical techniques, our experienced team can act quickly to carefully examine the issues and prevent further damage with surgery.

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