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Answers to some of your most common questions:

Here at Katy Area Veterinary Medical Group, we have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet. We have a state-of-the-art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient.

You can count on superior care and excellent service at each visit. Call (281) 398-1551 to schedule an appointment, and we will find a time that is convenient for you.

We always prefer appointments so we can be ready for you and your pet when you arrive. Even if you have an urgent concern and need to be seen right away, if possible please call us in advance so we can have a doctor ready for you. Our team is trained to consult with you and will either have your pet come in right away as an urgent appointment or set up an appointment time convenient to you. If you aren’t sure if your pet needs to be seen, please give us a call.

Pets age at a far faster rate than humans and, as a result, they may experience age-related health changes before you realize it. Taking your pet to the veterinarian once a year is equivalent to seeing your doctor or dentist only once every seven years! Only a full physical exam can accurately assess the health of your pet and identify potential problems.

Call us or ASPCA Poison Control immediately! Many poisons do not show signs immediately; so don’t be fooled if your pet looks normal. Do not induce vomiting unless instructed to do so by us or another poison authority.

Adoption has several advantages, primarily being that the pet population is controlled a little better with every adoption. It also costs less to adopt a pet versus purchasing from a breeder.

Due to state law, all pets adopted from a shelter are spayed or neutered prior to adoption and usually have a microchip implanted at the time of their spay/neuter.

Unfortunately, because most pets in shelters come from less-than-desirable places, they can also have their fair share of health problems. Because the pets are all kept in close proximity, there are high instances of respiratory infections. Sometimes these infections are minor and clear up on their own, while others are quite serious and can be life-threatening (Distemper, Canine Influenza, or Feline Calicivirus). We recommend having your new pet examined by the vet as soon as possible after adoption.

It is highly recommended that all pets coming out of a shelter have a thorough physical examination and an Intestinal Parasite Screen performed by a national laboratory. The dewormers given by most shelters only cover a couple of parasites that are most dangerous for humans. There are many other parasites that can either be transmitted to people or cause severe illness in our pets. Call (281) 398-1551 to schedule an appointment, and we will find a time that is convenient for you to have your new family member examined.

Frequently Asked Questions for Veterinarians

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